Sunday, August 20, 2006


I’ll swallow you like a pill; taste the bitterness of you on my tongue as you consume my body. Lick my lips with a drop of water and wash you down inside. Crawl beneath my skin, like an ache. Rush through my veins; use my blood cells as life rafts. Raid my flesh, and strip me of my sanity.

I’ll draw you into me, slowly, breathe your sighs and inhale you like a drug. Multiply and invade me, steal my purity, and control me. Grip my wrists in your hands; tighter. Hold me beneath you, paralyze my virtue and guilt. Untie the corset of my façade, and watch me unravel. I’m fluid underneath you, malleable to the warmth of your body, and the pressure of your hands.

I’ll drink you in like absinthe. And with every sip I take, you’ll shatter my grace and I’ll distort. I’m swallowing you but you’re devouring me. Taste the rapture on my skin, beneath the innocence; bitter under a thin veil of sweet.

You’re a silent storm radiating through me, in thunderous even pulses. I’ll savour the red velvet of your kiss, the salt of your skin, the taste of me on your lips, fingertips. I’m thirsty for your breath on my body.

Feed me on an IV drip. I’m addicted to your virus.

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