Sunday, December 31, 2006


I resolve to be nicer. More compassionate and try not to judge so quickly. I resolve to stop imagining the worst of people, and the worst possible scenario. I resolve to find more than one thing to like in someone I don’t. I resolve to let go of the past; it can’t be changed no matter how hard I wish it, and though it can’t be changed, I resolve to learn from it.

I resolve to make cookies every month for the people I work with. To volunteer more, and get the Christmas Spirit back. I resolve to face my greatest fears and get past all that has held me back. To be more generous, and remember that in a heart beat that could be me. To say my prayers every single night, and attend church every now and then.

I resolve to say I love you more often and to smile more. To save money, and spend less. I resolve to learn, and teach. I resolve to be more patient, and understanding, and less sarcastic. To stop thinking I can’t and replace it with I can, and will. To stop saying I will try. To give more of myself, and less of my opinion, unless I am asked.

I resolve to be kinder to my mother, and listen closer to my father. To spend more time with those I love. I resolve to try new things. To come out of retirement from babysitting. To lose control every now and then and like it. To make more friends. To share.

I resolve to stop pretending I don’t see people I don’t want to talk to, and to watch more classic movies. To have salad for lunch but to eat dessert. To read even more. To confide in my sister and to write letters to my other sister more often. I resolve to consider going blonde. Seriously.

I resolve to make this the best year of my life, not by luck, but by working hard to make it so.