Friday, January 19, 2007

in the audience

This blog has only existed for a very short time. I’m still trying to get the rhythm down. I didn’t create this blog to have lots and lots of fans, though I do love those that comment, their thoughts and feelings about something I have written, and I am encouraging you to continue commenting.

I know that some day I will write something that will hit a nerve with a few people, but I am prepared to accept this. I just read something that I hope will renew my fervor for writing (I believe that was one of my resolutions…). “If the audience is on their feet at the end of the play, you have done your job. If the audience is booing at the end, you have also done your job. You never want polite applause*.”

This blog is for me, but you read it. I want you to have strong reactions to it; good or bad.

I hope that once things start to calm down where I am that I will once again post… perhaps sooner, rather than later. But rest assured I am still here.