Friday, November 24, 2006

through the looking glass

I know you. I’ve seen you before. You’re so familiar, the way you tuck your thumb into your fist when you are sleeping, how you tilt your head when you are speaking and the way you bite your lower lip when you are thinking. Haven’t we met before? Or had a friendship, relationship? If I didn’t know any better I’d say you were at one time a part of my life. You look just like me; your voice youthful, your skin translucent. We are so similar, our movements, our language, and sense of humour. Maybe we grew up together?

Then, at what point did we become so different? And when did we stop speaking to each other? Why are we divided; you in the light, the warmth, and me in the dark, the cold? You do everything right. You’re kind, and thoughtful. Genuine; what you see is what you get. Everyone loves you. And you love them right back. You’re careful, and diplomatic, levelheaded, smart and strong. Beautiful, graceful and delicate. I do everything wrong. I’m selfish, and distant. I have a hidden agenda. I love the wrong people, and they don’t love me back. I take what isn’t mine. I’m rough, vague, and reckless. I am empty, useless and hopeless. I have a temper, and a short fuse. I am erratic, and unstable. I’m sneaky, calculating and deceiving. Heartbreaker, temptress and villain.

We are mirrored images; similar to the naked eye, but so different below the surface. How is it that we look the same, but live completely opposite lives? I will always be the predator, and you will always be the prey. How have we continued to fool everyone around us? When did I begin to hate you so much? And why did we fall apart, splitting up? How did I become the distorted and twisted version of you? Did I walk away from you? Or were you the one to run?

I knew you once upon a time. I knew everything there was to know about you. But you’re a stranger to me, an enemy now. Through the looking glass; you’re trapped, and I am the one walking free.